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Why your auction campaigns aren't working like they used to

The typical auction company spends half or more of its marketing budget on newspaper ads, but increasingly, auctioneers find that these ads aren't bringing in bidders like they once did.

Here's why: The number of people who get their news from a print newspaper has declined from 60% in 1993 to 31% as of December 2010. And if you think this is just a matter of newspapers losing younger readers, think again: The fastest-declining readership is for those 74 years old or older.

We can help!

The good news is that we at NewMediaRules know how to reach these "lost" readers. For about the cost of a typical daily newspaper display ad, we can publicize your auction in ways you never thought possible -- reaching prospective bidders not only on the Internet, but on their iPads and cell phones.

Don't let your numbers continue to shrink. Let us show you what we can do to help you get more bidders!