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How many times have you based a buying decision on "name brand" or "name recognition?"

If you're like most people, you make buying decisions almost every day based on the names you're most familiar with. And with good reason. A well-known name often reflects years or decades of outstanding performance in providing excellent products. Apple. Federal Express. Dell. Saks.

A good name is earned. But providing great products and services won't always get you the name recognition you deserve. Achieving positive visibility requires an effective, continuing communications program. In the words of one of the more common definitions of public relations, it calls for "communications based on responsible action."

In the real world, companies that communicate well have the advantage. And communicating well isn't always a matter of being the biggest kid on the block. Many times, a small company can compete toe to toe with the biggest players in the business simply by having a solid, aggressive public relations program.

Our task at NewMediaRules is to make sure our clients get the advantage of that kind of program.