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Investor Relations

Communicating with investors

Every publicly held company is required to communicate regularly with investors through such vehicles as the 10-K, 10-Q and quarterly earnings reports. But companies that understand the value of effective investor relations don't stop there. They know that an effective program for communicating with analysts and stockholders can result in a stronger and more stable stock price.

On the other side of the coin, Wall Street today has a way of severely punishing companies that fail to accurately communicate trends inside the business. Ineffective communications can result in a weak or volatile stock price that creates major problems, including:

  •     Takeover vulnerability.
  •     Limited ability to raise capital through stock issues.
  •     Reduced attractiveness of stock incentives for executives and employees.
  •     Tarnished image.
  •     Reduced desirability as a business partner.

At NewMediaRules, we can help you put together an effective program that integrates your communications with investors, employees, customers and others.